Bulk Voice Call / Sms Marketing

Bulk Voice Call Services 

We  helps you reach your target audience using bulk voice call in the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way. We enable you to call mobile phones and landlines anywhere within India.

These bulk voice call solutions are most often used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional purposes.

Voice SMS calls can be used for other purposes as well, like political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, EMI alerts, medicine reminders and so on.

Bulk SMS Services 

Bulk Message means sending SMS to one or more recipients via software/API/web platforms such as We provide platform to send online bulk SMS in India. Generally, Bulk SMS are of two type transactional bulk SMS and promotional bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be sent like an individual SMS to customers e.g. receiving an OTP, notification on transaction. If any online or offline businesses want to create, schedule and send SMS campaigns for marketing or notification then all those activities can be done from us bulk SMS software.

Our Bulk SMS Service is used by various national companies, school, college, organization, developers, NGOs & government agencies for promotion, communication, transactional alerts, notification, reminders, OTP and feedback. Signup now to start sending bulk SMS.

Easy To Contact with Your Customer

Bulk Voice Call / SMS services allow mobile marketers to reach out to their clients with an automated, pre-recorded, and on-point business message over integrated voice call applications.

Using technological developments in cloud telephony, voice calls can be sent to the entire target audience with a single click, making the process hassle-free for the business. Voice call SMS is the most effective promotional tool while being the most affordable option as well, when compared to the cost of traditional PRs and advertising.

Promote Your Brand

Promote your brand and build a long-lasting impression on your customers with our voice call/ SMS marketing services. Build custom messages that end up leaving a strong impact on your customers.

You can try various combinations of messages until you get an understanding of which message works the best for your organization. We only want what is best for your organization. This is why we help you every step of the way.

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