Salary+Attendance Management Software

Empower Your Workforce with Integrated Salary and Attendance Management Software

In a dynamic era of digital transformation, Netkosh Services Pvt. Ltd. proudly presents a cutting-edge solution in collaboration with Gyankaar Technologies Pvt Ltd: our comprehensive Salary and Attendance Management Software. This strategic alliance combines the technological prowess of both companies to streamline and elevate the HR processes of organizations, ensuring efficient payroll management and accurate attendance tracking.

80+ Lakhs

Registered SMEs

650+ Districts

Presence in India

10+ Languages

Used across India

Keep track of your staff attendance

  • Track your attendance with selfie, location, or face biometric based attendance
  • Your supervisors can approve attendance, mark absent, add late fine/overtime etc. with a single click of a button

Manage your staff salary, PF, Advances & Deductions

  • Manage salary payments for your regular, monthly, daily, weekly, hourly, work-basis staff.
  • You can record advances, deductions or loans and generate payslip for your staff.

Record salary payments, cash-in/cash-out & Pay Online

  • Easy online payments for your staff salary, advances in bulk.
  • Record your business expenses, cash-in and cash-out on a single platform.

Send notifications to your staff and vendors

  • Keep your staff updated by sending notifications for attendance, late fine, payments.
  • Receive reminders to help you manage your staff and business seamlessly